When the Bible Kicks You in the Gut… Again.

In this instance, it was not when I read the scriptures that I was beaten over the head with the lesson. It was later…

So, last night I was scheduled to go to my first mens Bible Study. The afternoon rolled around and my wife got home and informed me that we had $4 (our budget is really tight right now) and my sister was bringing over the $5 she owed us and we needed it just so my wife could get to work today.

I called my buddy and let him know I couldn’t make it. I was not happy about it but what could I do? 15 minutes later my sis shows up with $10. I asked “$10?” and she said “Yeah” and left because she was in a hurry. I called my mom who had given her the money to give me and asked “Did you send along $10?” She stated she had. For her own reasons she sent over more money than she was supposed to and it gave me enough money to put gas in the car to meet my friend for the Bible Study. Excitedly, I called my friend and told him I would be there.

On my way down there it hit me, or God hit me…. I know that I have read something very recently about worrying over things. I read that we shouldn’t because God would provide. I thought I had read that it specifically mentioned finances but I couldn’t find it.

When I was at the park and ride waiting for my friend I looked in Matthew where I have been reading and found it. Chapter 6 25-34. I had just read it the day or so before in my study about Jesus.

I was choked up. I always pray for God to soften and prepare my heart and mind when I take in His Word, but this lesson was not hit home till a day or two later. He had provided. My knowledge in the Bible is very little but I knew where to look when the lesson struck me.

Thank God for His provisions!!!!


~ by thoughtsofawretchedone on June 3, 2010.

One Response to “When the Bible Kicks You in the Gut… Again.”

  1. God Rocks! Glad you made it to Bible study!!!

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