Abraham and Isaac

I read this story the other night in Genesis 22:1-13. We are looking at a man who loved and feared God. A man who lived in a time with no Bible. Nothing to educate him about God, Jesus and His redemptive Sacrifice.

God told him to take his son to the top of a mountain and burn him as a sacrifice to God and without hesitation, without question, he summoned his servants, packed up his son and went into the mountains to do it. Gladly God presented a goat for offering at the last second though.

But this man did not hesitate. He obeyed God without question. I would love to say that if God called on me to do the same with one of or both of my boys that I could do it. I am just not sure that I could. I pray I would be able to obey though.

What an amazing story of a man’s amazing obedience to God.

As was pointed out to me where I originally posted this topic at Saints of the Old Republic Guild Forums

“Abraham by faith chose to obey God, God already had the sacrifice prepared for Abraham, though he couldn’t see it because the mountain was in the way.

Too often we look at the trial and can’t see the blessing on the other side, instead of looking at the mountain, we need to look to God and just trust and obey.”

An amazing story nonetheless.  I hope that I am able to obey if God calls on me.


~ by thoughtsofawretchedone on May 28, 2010.

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